FIC for 6 cylinders

FIC for 6 cylinders



  • $549.99

Part Number: 30-1910 - Universal Fuel/Ignition Controller 6 Channel. Mag or Hall Sensor.

Part Number: 30-1911 - Fuel/Ignition Controller 6 Channel. Mag Pickup Sensor. 80's-90's Disributed Honda

Part Number: 30-1913 - Fuel/Ignition Controller 6 Channel. Mag or Hall with Circuit Driver for Injector Load on Chrysler Vehicles

AEM’s F/IC is a PC-programmable piggy-back controller that allows users to retard timing and add fuel to virtually any engine, even on variable cam timing engines (VTEC, iVTEC, VVTi, MiVEC, etc.). The F/IC is the perfect solution for eliminating outdated FMUs and “boost hiding” electronics and is ideal for newer cars with knock detection that have non-factory forced induction systems.

The F/IC uses a vehicle’s factory base map to create calibrations via a powered USB connection to a PC, so drivability and cold start are not affected. Since the F/IC modifies the factory timing patterns it is not necessary to know them in advance. The F/IC can also recalibrate sensors so users can add a MAP sensor for boost without affecting the signal to the ECU.

Since the F/IC is a trim device it will not cause the factory ECU to throw a “check engine” light because it allows the user to intercept and modify the cam and crank inputs. Additional injector drivers allow users to control up to six additional injectors for high-horsepower vehicles. And it works on variable cam timing engines.

* Works with latest OBD-2 vehicles including variable valve control
* Variable Valve timing controller based on Engine RPM and Load
* Six (6) injector inputs with simulated injector load used when remapping OEM injectors
* Six (6) fuel injector controllers for either remapping of ECU output (+200%/-100% trim) or as a stand-alone extra injector driver
* Six (6) short-circuit protected high-impedance injector driver outputs (2amps ea)
* USB PC interface and programmable using power from USB port (Supports field re-flashing)
* Supports approximately two minutes of on-board data acquisition
* Three (3) channels of timing retard
* Supports MAG or HALL sensor types
* On board 41PSIA (approx. 25PSI boost) manifold pressure sensor
* Analog in/out for remapping MAF or external MAP sensor